How to Sign up for Mobile Banking



1.     Go to
2.     Click the Complete Online Banking icon .
        The Complete Online Banking login page will appear.
3.     Enter your Complete Online Banking ID.
4.     Click Submit.
5.     Verify your personal image.
6.     Enter your Complete Online Banking PIN.
7.     Click Submit.
        Welcome to Complete Online Banking.
8.     Click the Options tab.
9.     Then click Mobile Settings.
10.   Check the box Enable web access for your mobile device.
11.   Enter your Mobile Phone Number starting with the area code.
12.   Select your Wireless Provider from the drop-down list.
13.   Select the accounts you want to access from your mobile device.
14.   Click Submit.
15.   Read the Term and Conditions.
16.   Check the box next to ‘I accept these full terms and conditions.’
17.   Click Confirm.

  1.  An SMS Text Message with an Enrollment Confirmation and Mobile Banking Website will be sent to your Mobile Device following completion of the Mobile Settings. 
  2.  The selection made in Step 13 above can be edited at any time.

18. End.