Golden Years Chequing

We value our senior customers and know that saving money in your golden years is important.  That is why we designed this special chequing/savings account with a minimum balance of $3000.00 for people 50 years and over.  The first of its kind in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Some of the features of the account include:  


  • No service charge
  • Free Cheque books (Government stamp duty only)
  • 1st three (3) standing orders free
  • Free utility payments  • Branch to branch banking 
  • Monthly statement on all your accounts 
  • Reduced rates on safety deposit boxes 
  • Special Service Counter 
  • Privileged Club ATM Card

For further information, please Contact BOSVG. 


*  Application forms must be completed and signed in accordance with mandates.