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The ECFH Human Resource department provides human resource support to all the ECFH subsidiaries (Bank of Saint Lucia Limited, Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited,  Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines, EC Global Insurance Company Limited and ECFH Global Investment Solutions Limited.

We provide a workplace designed to empower employees to maximize their potential – extensive training, competitive benefits, comprehensive performance management systems, numerous opportunities for personal growth and professional development at all levels and a comprehensive reward and recognition programto ensure that you are recognised and rewarded for achievement.

We are committed to fostering a culture that continuously strives for excellence through innovation, strong leadership and teamwork, which is the life blood of ECFH.

Our Benefits Package


  • Competitive Compensation and Benefit Packages
  • A Comprehensive Career Development Program
  • Discounted Banking & Financial Services
  • Group Medical Plan
  • Group Life Insurance Plan
  • Group Pension Plan
  • After School Care Program 

Are you what we’re looking for?

ECFH aims to attract, retain and deploy people in roles that maximize their contribution and potential to the Group’s business objectives. Aside from an individual’s knowledge, skills and ability we also look for core values that set the potential employee apart. These values underpin everything we do at the ECFH; the way we act, the way we interact, the things we honor, how and what we reward, our hiring practices, how we promote, and how we implement procedures. 

Careers at ECFH


This division provides support to all units throughout the ECFH Group of Companies.  A few critical services provided by the Accounting and Finance division are: Regulatory Compliance, Audit, and Financial Reporting.  If you like to analyze numerical data and possess a firm understanding of how this data impacts organizations, this may be the career path for you.


ECFH recognizes the critical importance of administrative support through the provision of administrative assistants for all functioning departments of the institution. This is an excellent opportunity for career development, and a great career path which often leads to advancement opportunities.


The ECFH Group of Companies provides a full suite of innovative banking service products. This division boasts some of the most talented individuals in the industry; in key areas such as Customer Service, Foreign Exchange Services, Electronic Banking (ATM & Internet Banking), Tele-Banking, Treasury Management. Our employees possess superior customer service and sales skills. Do you have what it takes?


Banking Support & Operations provide support for both our external and internal customers. The careers in this exciting area include Branch Support, Central Services, Compliance, Call Centre Operations and business Analysts.


At the heart of ECFH, is our state of the art technology which supports the comprehensive array of products and services we offer. This department is  responsible for the overall management and support of this technology, and the  provision of technical services. Diverse career areas include, network support and  administration, programming, application and project management, network and  information security. If the world of IT interests you, then apply to ECFH today!


In the dynamic, fast paced world of Marketing, the ECFH Group hosts a comprehensive array of marketing specializations including: Marketing Research, Convenience Banking, Corporate Communications, Advertising & Promotion, Product Development, and Advertising & Branding. Sounds interesting?


ECFH focuses on providing a broad range of financial services to our customers, whether it’sit isfor individuals or businesses. From commercial investments to the personal portfolio management, our fund managers are eager to help you achieve your financial goals.

We provide investment and fund management advice to help you manage your income, maximize your tax savings, and increase your net worth.

There are also many support and operational positions that are essential to the  success of this division.



Our lending team provides a comprehensive array of financial lending solutions which include lines of credit, mortgages  and real estate loans, consumer loans, student loans, land and equity loans and automobile loans. With our continuously evolving origination and approval processes, our employees are able to deliver high quality service to our deserving customers.


The Loans Administration team provides key support functions through the processing of personal and commercial loans. This provides an excellent launching pad into loan documentation, application processing and loan document preparation and disbursements.



The Human Resource Management, Development and Training Department provides vital support by attracting and recruiting high potential talent through:


  • Targeted selection (capitalized areas)
  • Enhanced retention efforts
  • Performance based compensation & reward programmes
  • Focused training & development programmes
  • Workforce & succession planning
  • You too, can become an essential piece!Fostering a corporate culture that supports performance and achievement

We encourage interested  applicants to find out about our organization and our career opportunities.  As an Employer of Choice we welcome your interest in becoming an essential piece. 

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