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The Board of Directors of the East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited is responsible  for  the  governance  of  the  Group,  and  is  committed  to  adhering  to  the highest standards of corporate governance. It is guided by a formal Corporate Governance Policy.  The Board comprises appointed and elected directors. It sets policies for and reviews the Group’s strategies, financial objectives, operating plans, and plans for manage-ment  succession.  The  Board  meets  every  month  and  special  meetings  may  be  held when the need arises.

The Board provides leadership of the Group within a framework of sound corporate governance  practices,  as  well  as  prudent  and  effective  controls  that  facilitate  risk assessment and management. It sets the Group’s strategic goals and objectives.  The Board establishes the company’s values and ensures that its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders are understood and met.

All directors must take decisions objectively in the interest of the company.

There is a clear delineation of responsibilities between the running of the Board and the executive responsibility for the running of the Group.  To facilitate accountability and transparency, no one individual or group of individuals dominates the decision making  process.  The  roles  of  Chairman  and  Managing  Director  cannot  be exercised by the same individual. 

The Board comprises ten members, nine of whom are elected or appointed by the holders  of  ordinary  shares  and  one,  the    Managing  Director,  is  an  executive director.  Collectively, the members of the Board must demonstrate a balance of skills and experience appropriate for the requirements of the business. 

Frank V Myers

Chairman – Frank V Myers
Profession:  Consultant
Qualification: FCCA, BSc, ACC. Dir., ACFE
Substantive Position: Retired Public Accountant
Board Member since: September 2019
Appointed by: National Insurance Corporation (NIC)
Nationality: Saint Lucian

Omar Davis
Omar Davis
Profession:  Consultant
Qualification:  ACCA, Accredited Director and Member - ICSA
Substantive Position:  Financial & Management Consultant
Board Member since:  May 2012
Appointed by:  Ordinary Shareholders
Nationality:  Vincentian/Saint Lucian
Orricia Denbow Bullen


Orricia Denbow Bullen

Profession:  Retired Banker
Qualification:  FICB
Substantive Position:  Retired Banker
Board Member since:  September 2019
Appointed by:  Government of Saint Lucia
Nationality:  St Lucian
Stewart Haynes

Stewart Haynes
Profession: Actuary
Qualification: MSc. Actuarial Management, FIA, CFA
Substantive Position:  Executive Director, National Insurance Services SVG
Board Member since: August 2017
Appointed by: OECS Banks & Financial Institutions
Nationality: Vincentian

Martin Dorville


Martin Dorville

Profession:  Corporate Retail Executive
Qualification:  MBA – Marketing & Finance 
Substantive Position:  Managing Director, Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd.
Board Member since:  April 2014
Appointed by:  Government of Saint Lucia
Nationality:   Saint Lucian

Trevor Louisy

Trevor Louisy
Profession:  Engineer
Qualification:  BSc. (Hons) Electrical Engineering
Substantive Position:  Managing Director – St Lucia Electricity Services Limited                       
Board Member since:  September 2014
Appointed by:  Ordinary Shareholders
Nationality:  Saint Lucian

Llewellyn Gill


Llewelyn Gill
Profession: Chartered Accountant
Qualification: SLMM, FCGA, FCIS, FCCA
Substantive Position: Principal, G.Llewellyn Gill & Co.
Board Member since: September 2016
Appointed by: Ordinary Shareholders
Nationality: Saint Lucian



Marcus Joseph


Marcus Joseph
Profession:  Accountant
Qualification: CGA
Substantive Position: Divisional Manager Finance, Minvielle & Chastanet Ltd.
Board Member since: September 2016
Appointed by: National Insurance Corporation
Nationality: Saint Lucian

Pat Payne
Pat Payne
Profession:  HR Professional
Qualification:  MSc HR Development
Substantive Position: Human Resource Manager, Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, St Lucia
Board Member since:  January 2019
Appointed by:  Minority Shareholders
Nationality:  Saint Lucian
Esterlita Cumberbatch


Estherlita Cumberbatch
Profession:  Legal
Qualification: B.Sc. Mgmt., LLB (Hons)
Substantive Position: ECFH/BOSL Corporate Secretary
Nationality: Saint Lucian

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